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Capital Gold - OverviewCapital Gold - BenefitsCapital Gold - FeaturesCapital Gold - System Requirements

Benefits and Key Features of Capital Gold Software

These are areas of Capital Gold that optimise and automate the entry, processing and output of data, leaving you more time to concentrate on the important areas of your business.

Unlimited Companies

There are no company restrictions within Capital Gold. An unlimited number of companies may be created, and distributed across the network as required. All companies have individual password protection.

Restrict Users Access

Capital Gold provides the facility to restrict access to certain areas of the product (for example, the Nominal Ledger) for selected users. All users have individual password protection.

Multi-process - up to 10 Concurrent Users

Capital Gold users can be purchased individually, allowing you to purchase the exact number you require, and purchase further individual users as your company grows.

Real Time Company Status

Pegasus Capital Gold dynamically updates the Nominal Ledger as you process, so the information you retrieve from the system reflects the position of your company at that very moment.

Multiple Company Delivery Addresses

Create unlimited alternative delivery addresses for each company. The default address is automatically selected when posting purchase orders.

Web Enabled

Use the E-mail and Internet links to E-mail customers and suppliers, and to access their websites from within Capital Gold.

Automatically Calculate Customer Discounts

Capital Gold’s powerful discount matrix allows quantity-based discounts to be set up for a given product group for each customer. The matrix-based discount is then automatically applied as the default when posting SOP documents or POP purchase orders.

Multiple Customer Delivery Addresses

Create unlimited delivery addresses for each customer. The default address is automatically selected when posting SOP documents.

Credit Control

Comprehensive credit control, including accounts on stop, credit limits (with warnings), three levels of debtors’ letters, and automatic printing of debtors’ letters.


Produce proforma invoices and quotations, and later convert them into sales orders and invoices.


Produce SOP invoices with euro total value. Individual customers may be flagged as euro customers, ensuring that an overall euro total is displayed on their SOP documents.


For those customers that have been designated as factored, SOP invoices and credit notes will be automatically produced with the appropriate information required by the factoring company. In addition, a batch header report is also available, providing you with all the necessary information to send to your factoring company.

Automatic Cheque Printing

Automatically print payment cheques for one, or a range of, suppliers. Cheques can be printed on 3 per page continuous, 3 per page A4 single sheet, or 1 per page A4 single sheet stationery.

Automatically Produce Electronic Payment Files

If you have purchased the Electronic Payments feature, you can generate electronic payment files in a format recognised by most of the major high street banks. The bank’s own software can then be used to read the file, and transmit the payments electronically to the bank.

Automatically Pay Your Outstanding Creditors

Pegasus Capital Gold’s automatic payments routine allows you to select some, or all, of your outstanding creditors and pay them using their standard payment method (for example, cheque, electronic payment).

Extended Product Descriptions for Service Type Stock Items

You may enter up to a 1000 character description for service type stock items such as labour. The product description is automatically picked up when raising SOP invoices and credit notes.

Service and Product Items

Enter both service type and product type items on the same SOP invoice or credit note.

Create Bill of Materials Assemblies (BOM)

Standard within Capital Gold is the facility to create BOM assemblies with up to 10 levels of sub-assembly, and up to 100 components per assembly. Default selling prices of assemblies are automatically calculated.

Capture and Report on Job Information

If you have purchased the Job Costing feature, you can assign almost all posted transactions to a pre-defined job. Then use the comprehensive enquiry and reporting functions to compare current income against expenditure, current profit against budgeted profit, labour costs etc.

Microsoft Compatible

Drag and drop multiple data fields from most forms directly into industry standard applications such as Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel.

Export Reports to Other Applications

Export reports directly into industry standard applications such as Microsoft Word, Excel, and Lotus 1-2-3. Use the power of Word to generate customer mailings, or use the mathematical power of Excel to further manipulate your accounting data.

Export Reports via Standard File Formats

Export reports to industry standard file formats such as Microsoft Word, Excel, HTML, Lotus 1-2-3, Comma Separated Variable, Rich Text Format etc. Publish HTML files directly to your website.

Graphical Representation

Produce graphical representations of your accounting data that gives you an instant view of your company status.

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