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Pegasus Instant Messenger

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Pegasus Instant Messenger - OverviewPegasus Instant Messenger- BenefitsPegasus Instant Messenger - System Requirements

Benefits of Pegasus Instant Messenger (PIM)

Pegasus Instant Messenger (PIM) does not depend on large scale or costly hardware systems and offers:

  • Ease of Use - no need to invest in expensive training or consultancy; easy to configure and use.

  • Data Security - independent of Opera II; safe to deploy confidential information to a variety of personnel.

  • Independent Delivery - LAN-based and linked with internal and back-office systems; no need for a permanent web connection.

Pegasus Instant Messenger for your Business

There are two editions of PIM: Desktop Edition and Enterprise Edition. The Desktop Edition provides entry level functionality, with 5 pre-defined Tasks and a Simple Wizard utility. The Desktop Edition comes as standard with every copy of Opera II.

The Enterprise Edition caters for more advanced business needs. The Advanced Wizard enables the creation of user-definable tasks and timed events, and HTML capabilities enhance the presentation of the information being delivered. The Enterprise Edition is a chargeable upgrade.

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