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QuickBooks Regular 2006

QuickBooks Regular - Like having your own desktop accountant

QuickBooks Regular is renowned for being easy to use with a friendly plain English approach to managing business accounts. But now its even easier with new 'Follow Me Help' - it's like having your own desktop accountant.

'Follow Me Help' tracks where you are within QuickBooks and offers help accordingly - so if you're creating an invoice, the 'next step' can always be seen at the side of your screen. If you don't need 'Follow Me Help', you can just switch it off! Simple.

All the essentials, with invoicing, bill paying, and features for tracking and reporting. QuickBooks Regular helps you manage your books, organise information in one place, and ultimately make confident business decisions - all in less time!

Designed for Small Business

No accounting knowledge is needed. QuickBooks Regular handles the accounting for you - flawlessly. You work in business rather than accounting language and simply complete familiar forms - e.g. cheques and invoices - on screen.

Pay Bills and Track Expenses

Keeping track of expenditure is easy with QuickBooks Regular. You can write a cheque for any kind of expense you incur or enter a bill for items that you have received on credit. In the Pay Bills window, QuickBooks Regular lists all unpaid kills, or all bills you want to pay, and QuickBooks Regular then writes and records the cheques or credit card charges.

Pay Bills and Track Expenses

Pay Bills and Track Expenses

Fast, worry free set up

Easy to use help features so you can find information faster. You can quickly learn everything you need to know through the QuickBooks inbuilt help files.

Easy to use

  • New! 'Follow Me Help' - makes doing the books a lot easier

  • EasyStep start-up - a step by step aid to setting up your new company data file

  • Simple to upgrade - data files from all previous versions are supported

  • 30 days free and unlimited telephone set-up support direct with Intuit's technical support- so you're guaranteed a trouble-free set-up!

Save time and money!

  • New! - E-file certified integrated Payroll- take advantage of HMRC (formerly Inland Revenue) incentives of up to £575 when you file your payroll returns online

  • Improved! - accept card payments- QuickBooks has partnered with WorldPay (part of the Royal Bank of Scotland group) to provide fully integrated credit and debit card processing

  • E-mail invoices, credit notes and purchase orders - save on postage and administration time, just press a button and the form is sent!

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QuickBooks Regular 2006

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