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Sage Payroll Bureau - Features & Benefits

Sage Payroll Bureau takes care of the complex and time-consuming tasks involved in servicing clients, accurately completing year end returns and complying with all relevant government legislation.

Make processing multiple payrolls easy with the following benefits:

  • Feel confident that the service you provide meets all legislative requirements and surpasses your client' expectations.

  • Strong and flexible security settings help you control access to your clients' payroll data.

  • Process your clients' staff quickly, easily and accurately.

  • Choose payslips, pension schemes, payment methods and frequencies to suit all individual clients' needs.

  • Quickly input timesheets, including the option to import timesheets using CSV files.

  • Quickly produce statutory forms such as forms P11D, P14/60, P32, P35 and P45.

  • Composite year end routine, allowing tax legislation to be amended across all, or a selection of, your companies.

Features New to Sage Payroll Professional Version 10

  • Personnel Records: The Personnel Record option allows you to record and report on Appraisal, Disciplinary and Job History details for each of your employees, providing one central store for all of your Payroll and HR records. In addition, we have made changes to the Personal tab within the Employee Record. You can now record extra information about your employees, such as Nationality and Ethnic Origin, and can record an employee's contact information and details of their personal cars.
  • Personal Car Records: In addition to the facility to record the details of company cars allocated to your employees, Sage Payroll allows you to record the details of up to two personal cars within the Employee Record. Ideal if you operate an allocated parking bay policy, and need to quickly contact the owner of an illegally parked car. The Personal Car Records feature removes the need to keep manual records of your employees' car details.
  • Personnel Import: A powerful tool, saving you time and money, Personnel Import allows you to import data directly from your Sage Personnel program, removing the need to re-key your data. Using Personnel Import, you can import your company name and address, employee personal details, job history information and appraisal and disciplinary records.
  • Task Reminders: The Task Reminders option allows you to create tasks with reminders that enable you to monitor your working activities. Task Reminders work in a similar way to Outlook Tasks feature within the Microsoft Integration option, available in Sage Payroll Professional and Sage Payroll Bureau. However, because the option is internal to Sage Payroll, you do not need to have Microsoft Outlook installed on your PC, and you do not need to be a user of Sage Payroll Professional or Sage Payroll Bureau.
  • Report Favourites and Selections: Within the Reports option, there is a facility to add the reports you use most often to a Favourites menu. You can access and run these reports quickly, saving you time every time you process your payroll. You can also group a number of reports together using the Reports Selection option. For example, rather than printing a number of different reports individually, you can group these as a selection and print with one click of your mouse.
  • Employee Year to Date Calculation Drilldowns: Your employee Year to Date information can be broken down to see how the total values in the relevant box is made up. By simply clicking the drill down button on the relevant year to date window, a breakdown of the total amount in that box is shown. This is a useful and time-saving way of confirming that the total values shown have been calculated correctly.
  • Exceptions and Variance Reports: Dealing with employees' payroll can involve processing a lot of information, which can make spotting mistakes or something out of the ordinary, a difficult task. Sage Payroll Professional includes Exceptions and Variance reports, which look for any irregularities in your payroll. This is achieved by comparing the current payroll being processed with those previously processed, to check for differences.

    As there will often be minor variances between pay periods, Sage Payroll Professional allows you to define the comparison condition, by telling it what to look for and what level of variation you want to report on.

  • Enhanced Sage Payroll Bureau Backup Procedure: When following the backup procedure to backup data, you can now specify your clients' payroll software into which the files will be restored. For example, if a client uses Sage Payroll Professional, you can backup their data in a format that they can work with in their business.

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