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ACT! for Line 50 software

ACT! contact manager software incorporating an interface into Sage Line 50 accounting software delivering an integrated front and back office system for individuals and small businesses so that selected financial information and business operations such as sales order processing can be accessed directly from the contact management software. ACT! integrates with Sage Line 50 Version 8.2 and above.

The integrated solution provides the "big picture" where all the relevant sales, marketing and financial information for any contact is available at the click of a mouse button.

Data can be initially transferred from the existing sales ledger into the contact manager database. Then, through the accounting menu and tab, financial data can be displayed in the contact record.

Credit limit, sales to date and outstanding debt information as well as trading terms and discounts available are displayed. Transactional information such as invoice numbers, details and amounts owed and paid are also displayed.

ACT! for Line 50 includes an accounting menu and an accounting tab for displaying relevant data in the contact record. As a result, selected financial data can be displayed in the contact record within ACT!.

An accounting tab displays transactional information such as invoices associated with the contact. In this case invoice numbers, details, amounts are displayed as well as information relating to the amounts paid against the invoice.

Also included in ACT! for Line 50 are new tabs that open stock lookup, account lookup, quotations, sales and purchase order processing in Sage Line 50 Financial Controller.

Sage Award: Accounting Software & Services have been awarded Sage Line50 Reseller of the year 2002. We would like to thank all our customers for their custom ...

ACT! Award: Accounting Software & Services have been awarded ACT! Software special achievement award during November 2003 ...


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Buy ACT! for Line 50  software
Buy ACT! for Line 50  software

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