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ACT! for Palm OS®

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ACT! for Palm OS® - Features & Benefits

Powerful features and benefits make this a must have tool for people on the move...

Five Key Reasons to purchase ACT! for Palm OS

Carry complete customer information with you

Store multiple addresses, phone numbers, e-mail addresses, websites and more for each contact - so that you can track every activitythat has taken place, with each of your contacts whilst you are on the move.

  • For each contact synchronise over 60 ACT! fields including 15 user defined giving you all the information you require for that contact.
  • Keep time and data-stamped notes on each contact notes from conversations, meeting details, thoughts and more.
  • Automatically create and view contact histories as you complete activities that have taken place with your contacts

Instantly access contact and activity information

Access all your contact information from one easily accessible place, have easy access to notes, histories and sales opportunities directly for the contact record. ACT! for Palm allows you to view your complete ACT! database whilst you are out of the office.

  • Log future and completed activities for each contact.
  • Easily customise the contact list display to show contact name, company, phone number, title, e-mail and more.
  • Simply click on any contact to see all associated notes, activities, histories, and sales opportunities.

Stay on top of your schedule with ease

Manage your working day with full diary features, a task list and reminder functions. All are linked to your contacts, meaning you arenever more than a few steps away from the full history of your dealings with that contact. You need never call the office for information again!

  • View daily, weekly and monthly calendars.
  • Get important reminders with pop-up alarms.
  • Clear an activity to record a history and easily schedule a follow-up activity.

Meet your sales goals with confidence

Manage your sales pipeline with easy to use opportunity tracking tools that allow you to manage and monitor your sales pipeline. It can instantly tell you the status of each customer order and highlight any discrepancies. Enter new sales opportunities quickly by selecting from customised drop-down lists. ACT! for Palm is a vital tool in improving your salesforce effectiveness and communication.

  • Run built-in sales reports from ACT! Express or ACT! 6.0 desktop.
  • Close sales opportunities on your PDA.
  • Optimise time away from the desk by increasing the number of customer and prospect visits and therefore the number of sales opportunities.

Complete integration with ACT! Express or ACT! 6.0 desktop

Complete integration with ACT! Express and ACT! 6.0 allows you to keep the desktop and your device in sync with field level synchronisation. Always have the most up-to-date information on all your contacts all of the time, by managing accounts efficiently using the same groups and sub groups contained on the desktop and importing contacts, activities and tasks from your Palm desktop.

  • Always have the most recent changes regardless of where you entered them, with field level synchronisation.
  • Enjoy your groups and subgroups on the Palm for easy management of account-based activities.
  • Use built-in reports on the desktop to quickly summarise sales information.
Sage Award: Accounting Software & Services have been awarded Sage Line50 Reseller of the year 2002. We would like to thank all our customers for their custom ...

ACT! Award: Accounting Software & Services have been awarded ACT! Software special achievement award during November 2003 ...


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Buy  ACT! for Palm OS  software
Buy  ACT! for Palm OS software

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