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ACT! for Web - Overview ACT! for Web - Benefits ACT! for Web - System Requirements

ACT! for Web - Features and Benefits

Instantly access every contact detail over the web

Improve the availability of customer information and increase sales

  • Track up to 255 fields of customer information for instant access to complete details on every contact.
  • Manage sales information using the built-in opportunity tracking and forecasting tools and create a sales pipeline graph showing you sales opportunities in real time.
  • By sharing calendars and activities within your work groups internal communication is improved allowing customers to be better served.
  • Stay on top of your teams by viewing the Task List either on an individual or team basis to get a summary of calls, meetings and to-do items.

Get real-time access to complete customer details

  • Simply log onto your company web server with a valid ID and password to access the complete ACT! database.
  • Get access to all recently accessed records using the Lookup feature.
  • Contacts can be viewed individually or in a Contact List. New columns can be added to the Contact List
    Share and open attachments remotely so everyone with access to a specified record can see what has taken place with that contact.
  • No longer will you or your administrator need to configure remote database synchronisation.
  • All users, both local and remote, can access the ACT! database in real-time so all changes are made to the master database respecting each users' security rights.
  • ACT! for Windows and ACT! for Web users in your organisation can easily stay in sync whether in the office or on the go

Secure customer data using your own server - no third party host

  • Keep data secure by assigning access rights and security levels for each user.
  • All users are required to enter a valid ACT! user name and password in order to access data.

No issues with remote access users – ACT! is administered centrally

  • No remote ACT! software is required to be installed on individual machines.
  • Users simply launch their standard Internet Explorer browser, version 5.1 or above. (Please note ACT! for Web does not work with the Netscape browser).

Easy to use ACT! interface

  • The easy-to-use ACT! interface allows, where appropriate, seamless transition from Windows to Web and vice versa.
  • Users can set their own preferences, just like in ACT! for Windows, with regards to filter loading, hiding cleared activities, auto-loading contact selection, scheduling activities, alarm settings, and more.

Secure access - grant access rights using advanced security features

  • Assign access rights and security levels for each user
  • Field-level security allows you to choose which fields are viewed by each user.
  • All users are required to enter a valid ACT! user name and password in order to access data.

Your customer data stays inside your company network not on a hosted server like other online or .com options

  • Your internal company web server hosts the ACT! database so your valuable customer information is protected inside your firewall using your company's security policies.
  • Customer data is not stored on third-party servers.
  • Data is not stored on individual users' computers to further protect your most valuable asset.

You can easily customise the database without HTML or web programming

  • Customisations are quick and easy, using simple screens that allow you to add fields, change the look of database screens, add your company logo or other graphics, change background colours, change fonts and many other settings.
  • All fields customised in ACT! for windows can automatically be viewed in ACT! for Web, or you can choose which fields are displayed on a per-user basis.
  • Add new tabs or change tab labels to track additional information about each contact.

  • Customise letter templates with your specific merge fields for easy letter contact.
  • Add your own links to the Internet Links menu perfect for giving users fast access to frequently used web pages.

  • Screens are refreshed as you make edits, so you canview changes as you go and easily undo any unwanted changes.

It installs on your web server in less than one hour

  • Installation could not be easier - use the easy to follow wizard interface and you will be up and running in less than an hour

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