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ACT! Link™ for Pocket PC - Overview ACT! Link™ for Pocket PC - Benefits ACT! Link™ for Pocket PC - System Requirements

ACT! Link™ for Pocket PC- Features and Benefits

Instantly access contact details on-the-go!

4 key Reasons to Purchase ACT!™ Link™ for Pocket PC

Carry customer information with you on-the-go

Synchronise over 30 predefined contact fields and up to 20 ACT! notes and history items for each contact – so that you have all theinformation you need for each of your contacts with you at all times. Create new notes and activities and then add these automatically to ACT! during your next sync to ensure that all contact information is up to date for your next visit.

  • Create new contacts in ACT! and have those added automatically to your device during your next sync.
  • Edit contact details in both ACT! and on your device - changes will update in both systems during your next sync.
  • Filter contact list by ACT! ID/ Status on your Pocket PC through the categories featured in Pocket Outlook.
  • Ability for your desktop to overwrite hand held contact information.

Stay on top of your schedule with ease

Manage your working day with full diary features, a task list and reminder functions by synchronising all your ACT! functions with your device. All are linked to your contacts, meaning you are never more than a few steps away from the full history of your dealings with that contact. You need never call the office for information again!
  • View a list of your daily ACT! Activities, tap once to view activity details-including the contact, company and phone number the activity is scheduled with.
  • Create new activities with multiple contacts on your device and sync to ACT!
  • Have full access to all ACT! contacts to create activities on your device.
  • Delete an activity on your device and it will be cleared in ACT! and create a history.

Manage your to-do items with your task list in hand

View timeless ACT! Activities e.g. to-dos, meetings etc. in the task list on your device, once these activities have been completed on your device they will be cleared in ACT! too. Edit tasks including alarms and notes and synchronise changes back to ACT! when complete.

  • Have the ability to sort by completed, priority and due date, just like with ACT!
  • Edit tasks including alarms, creating notes and settings priorities and synchronise edits back to ACT!
  • Make a task private on your device and it will be private in ACT!

Integrate seamlessly with ACT! 6.0

Quick and easy synchronisation with ACT! means changes can be automatically synchronised with your Pocket PC whilst it's still in its cradle using Microsoft ActivSync.

  • Synchronise a single ACT! 6.0 database, including contacts, activities and to-do items to your Pocket PC and back to your ACT! database.
  • Choose to synchronise all of your contacts records or selected groups.
  • Change the ACT! database that synchronises to your Pocket PC at anytime.

Please Note: Act! Link for Pocket PC is not ACT! on your Pocket PC, it is a link that takes your ACT! data and synchronises to your Pocket Outlook with your contact, calendar and to-do information, so you can have it with you at hand, at all times.

Sage Award: Accounting Software & Services have been awarded Sage Line50 Reseller of the year 2002. We would like to thank all our customers for their custom ...

ACT! Award: Accounting Software & Services have been awarded ACT! Software special achievement award during November 2003 ...


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Buy Act! for Pocket PC software

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