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Sage Line 50 options

  1. Sage Line 50 Accountant
  2. Sage Line 50 Accountant Plus
  3. Sage Line 50 Financial Controller
  4. Sage Line 50 Financial Controller Network
  5. Sage Line 50 Accountant  Price list

Sage Line 50 Accountant Plus

Sage Line 50 Accountant Plus is the next package after Sage Line 50 Accountant in the Sage Line 50 range. It contains all the features included in Sage Line 50 Accountant together with additional features designed to aid the growing business. 

Sage Line 50 Accountant Plus Features (In addition to Sage Line 50 Accountant):

Products/Stock Control

View your most profitable and fast moving items with instant information on the stock levels and sales performance of each item.


Stock taking option

Run a stock inventory by entering only the current stock levels. Automatically calculates stock adjustments to bring Sage Line 50 stock quantities in line with actual stock quantities.


Faulty stock returns facility

Record stock returns that are faulty. Run a status report to give you more detailed information about stock, including the quantity returned to the manufacturer. Also record damaged or faulty goods returned by the customer but not returned to stock.


Negative stock & allocations

Record stock figures as positive or negative quantities so you can raise an invoice for an order even if an item is not in stock. Then create and print an invoice before the stock has been delivered to the warehouse.



Automate the invoicing process, save time and improve accuracy. Prices, discounts and VAT are calculated automatically. Sage can also personalise your invoices for a more professional business look.


Individual Customer Price Lists

Create price lists for individual customers. Lets you link one or more customers to a price list so invoice and sales  orders are automatically produced with the correct prices.  Use the discount matrix to apply further reductions.


Multiple delivery addresses

Store and manage multiple customer, supplier and company delivery addresses. Choose the delivery destination when creating sales invoices, purchase and sales orders. Select from a list of predefined addresses assigned to each customer or supplier.



Trade online and use Sage WebTrader to electronically transfer orders securely to Line 50. (Requires monthly registration fee.)


WebCatalogue 50

Publish an online stock catalogue on the web quickly and easily. Simply upload your stock data from Line 50 and add text, descriptions and ../images. (Requires monthly registration fee.)


Link ../images to products

Link both JPEG and GIF ../images with your product records. Use the ../images in your online catalogue or use them simply for product identification purposes.


Check make-up facility

Run this enquiry to check if you have enough stock items to complete an order. You can easily obtain information on which stock items and components are needed to complete an order or orders.


Copy discount tables

Stock discount tables can be copied from one stock code to another saving you time and effort.


Print cheques

Print cheques for bank as well as purchase payments irrespective of whether a supplier account is set up. Meets APACS legislation with the Report Designer option to enter asterisk's around digits, payment and payee information on cheques. These improvements minimise the potential for fraud.


Accountant Plus incorporates all the functionality of Line 50 Accountant

  • Customers/Sales Ledgers
  • Suppliers/Purchase Ledger
  • Nominal Ledger
  • Bank
  • Financials
  • Sage e-Banking (chargeable extra)
  • Sage Forecasting
  • SageCover link
  • Active Search
  • Integration with Microsoft Office
  • File Import
  • Report Designer
  • Global search engines
  • Change financial year
  • Recurring entries routine
  • Save asset records with no depreciation rate


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Sage Line 50

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