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Sage Line 50 - Specifications

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Sage Line 50 Features & Benefits

Please see below some of the new features that have been introduced in Sage Line 50 version 11.

Sage Line 50 Features

  • Historical Data Analysis: Archive a complete set of company data

  • Customisable Navigation: Group tasks to suit your requirements

  • Transaction E-Mail: Send and receive orders and invoices via email*

  • Foreign Trader: Process transactions in all major foreign currencies*

  • Sage MIS (Management Information System): Unlock the wealth of information stored in Line 50, with this clear graphical representation of key management information.

  • Time savings: Computerising your accounts gives you fast and accurate records, and the automatic financial reports save you valuable time.

  • Summary information: Allowing you to view details, such as your customers' payment history, stock levels and business performance at the push of a button, in the form of clear tables or colourful graphs.

  • Efficient stock management: Making it easy to keep track of how much stock you have and quickly see your stock shortfalls.

  • Improved cash management: Allowing you to locate your debtors and write debt-chasing letters and if this fails, then Sage Line 50 makes it easy to put an account 'on hold'.

  • Control over sales and purchases: Making it easy to see how much you owe, how much your customers owe you and which invoices are overdue.

  • Complex tasks made easy: Wizards take you quickly and simply through complex procedures, such as calculating your VAT Return and running your month and year end.

  • Support and help: The easy to follow User's Guide takes you through setting up your accounting system and a free period of SageCover gives you a taste of the excellent technical support service offered by Sage.

  • Continue upgrades and add-ons: Sage accounting software keeps up with your company's growth, offering you a range of upgrades and add-ons to respond to your company's development needs.

  • NEW Cashflow Planner: It's extremely useful to know exactly how much money will be in your bank account in the days or weeks ahead. The new Sage Line 50 shows your estimated cashflow at a glance, helping you plan how best to manage your money.

  • NEW Audit Assistant: The automatic Audit Assistant will help to verify your accounts before the arrival of external auditors - so they can work more quickly and cheaply. It runs through a 21-point check list, including verification that you've paid the right amount of VAT, and that you haven't paid a supplier twice. This feature contains a suite of VAT audit reports approved by HM Customs and Excise.

  • NEW Accounts Analyser: The Accounts Analyser unlocks information in the Nominal Ledger that underlies your Profit & Loss summary and Balance Sheet. A simple 'tree' format allows you to drill down to detailed data about your most important accounting areas: sales, purchases, direct expenses, overheads, assets and liabilities.

  • NEW Repeat invoices and Orders: With the new Sage Line 50, you can repeat invoices and orders at regular intervals without having to retype all the details. It's ideal for situations where you might be billing the same amount every month, for example: rent, membership fees, or payment in instalments. If you use Sage Line 50 Financial Controller you can also create recurring sales orders and purchase orders.

  • NEW Smart Link: The new Sage Line 50 can save you a lot of time by linking together different types of information that you may need. For example, you might want to see both a supplier's contact details and their invoice history. The program provides tabs that allow you to move effortlessly from one to the other.

  • NEW Batch conversion of Quotes and Pro-formas: Many businesses create quotations in Sage Line 50 and then convert them into orders once the potential clients have approved them. For the first time, there is now a single screen showing all quotations and proformas; it's very easy to select some and convert them into orders. This feature will save a lot of time if you deal with a large number of quotations. (Available in Sage Line 50 Accountant Plus and Financial Controller)

  • NEW My business set-up: The new Sage Line 50 provides different default settings to suit different types of businesses. As a result, you can set up the software to suit your particular business - tailoring the content and layout of screens. It all takes just a fraction of the time compared to changing every setting manually.

  • NEW look and feel: The look-and-feel of the latest Sage Line 50 mirrors the evolution of Microsoft Windows. For example, information is more closely connected, it's easier to move back to where you were before, and there's less need to click between screens. But not everyone prefers the changes in Windows, so you can also choose to keep the classic look-and-feel of Sage.

Sage Line 50 accounts software benefits

Sage Line 50 is based on familiar procedures used in manual accounting. Items such as invoices, cheques, bank statements and VAT returns appear on screen exactly as if they'd been generated manually. Throughout the Sage Line 50 accounting software there are plenty of on-screen prompts to let you create, file, access and update all your financial information. Sage Line 50 Wizards guide you through some of the more complicated procedures step by step. At every stage you can call up context-sensitive help.

Sage Line 50 accounts software will make a dramatic difference to your business by simplifying complex accounting tasks, eliminating repetitive routines and speeding up procedures to deliver new levels of efficiency. Not only does Sage Line 50 software give you much tighter financial control in accounting, it will also transform you entire operation.

Sage Line 50 helps you achieve greatly enhanced all-round performance in every area of your company's activity, whatever the size of your business. Sage Line 50 software allows you to get on with what you do best, whether you earn your living behind a wheel, behind a counter or behind a desk.

Because Sage Line 50, the UK's best selling accounting software, is based on an integrated approach to business it makes the maximum use of your accounts data. By making all the facts and figures readily available to be put to work in a wider context, your company benefits from the sharing of crucial information. 

Management can quickly assess the current trading situation, and act to solve problems or seize opportunities. Marketing can analyse trends and identify new targets. Sales can see who their best - or worse - customers are, and adjust service levels accordingly.  

As a serious business tool, Sage Line 50 software has immense versatility, handling all sales and purchases, stock control and order processing, plus generating invoices, statements, reports and sales letters.

Sage Line 50 software comes with full manuals and operating instructions - very easy to learn and set up.

Sage Line 50 software also includes 60 days Sage Cover and technical telephone support for all versions direct from Sage's helpdesk ! 
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Sage Line 50

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