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Sage MMS - Features

Sage MMS modules specifications

      Financial Modules
    Sales ledger     Sales Order Processing
    Purchase ledger     Purchase Order Processing
    Nominal ledger     Stock Control
    Cash Book     Price Book


Sales ledger

  • Trade in up to 100 foreign currencies. The Sales Ledger will maintain the turnover details of the account in both the operating currency of the customer and the base currency equivalent.
  • Define terms of business for each customer account. (E.g agreed number of days for settlement of payments, settlement discount and credit limit.)
  • Create individual price lists for your customers.
  • Analyse customer accounts with up to three user definable categories. (E.g. region, credit rating, status.)
  • e-Mail direct from customer records and launch your customers' websites.
  • Attach a file to a customer's account. (E.g. word processing documents, images and spreadsheets.)
  • 'Head office' facility controls if/where statements are sent.
  • Graphically analyse and present customer data. (E.g bar charts show turnover and aged balances.)
  • Transaction 'drill down' facility. Analyse customer transactions under query. (E.g. details of invoice items, and payments received.)
  • Unlimited transaction history.
  • Integrated credit management features. Include: debtors letters, statement production, provisions for doubtful and bad debts, and the ability to place customeraccounts on hold.
  • Batch data entry. Amend, add to or delete entries of batches of transactions, before finally committing them to the Sales Ledger.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Customer details are easily accessible
    Sage MMS has an intuitive user interface, which means that contact details, trading terms and transaction history are all within easy reach. All information is presented graphically where appropriate. For example, bar charts are used to show turnover and aged balances.
  • Quickly locate and interrogate transaction data
    Utilising the 'drill down' facility, you can further analyse customer transactions under query. For example details of invoice items and payments received.
  • Designed for rapid data entry
    The Purchase Ledger can be configured with numerous defaults to speed up the data entry process, and ensure compliance with agreed terms of business. For example, VAT can be applied to transactions at the standard rate automatically, and a 'for authorisation' flag set on invoice transactions over a certain value.
  • Automate payments
    Manage your payment control effectively and maintain supplier relationships. The Generate Suggested Payments option allows you to quickly identify all invoices overdue for payment and those that if paid, will qualify for settlement discount. Payments can then be made electronically or cheques and/or remittance advice printed.
  • Manage tasks simultaneously
    The convenience of being able to execute a number of tasks simultaneously is just one of the many facets of Sage MMS, which serve to increase productivity and ease of use. For example, you can run a supplier account enquiry whilst entering a batch of payments.
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SageMMS Sales ledger

SageMMS Sales ledger
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