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Sage MMS - Features

Sage MMS modules specifications

      Financial Modules
    Sales ledger     Sales Order Processing
    Purchase ledger     Purchase Order Processing
    Nominal ledger     Stock Control
    Cash Book     Price Book


Stock Control

Whether your requirements are simple or complex, Sage MMS provides a complete inventory and warehouse management solution.

  • Comprehensive stock records.
    Full details of your products readily to hand.
  • Short and extended stock descriptions.
    Fuller and more detailed product descriptions can be used forwebsites, invoices and other documents.
  • Inactive items.
    Prevent sales of stock items while retaining full history for reporting purposes.
  • Manage stock in multiple locations.
    Set up multiple warehouses and bins, managing their stock levels independently.
  • Flexible costing methods.
    FIFO, Standard and Average costs are supported.
  • Units of Measure.
    Buy and sell the same stock item in different units.
  • Search Categories.
    Custom fields can be populated with keywords, used when searching for particular products.
  • Alternative stock.
    If first choice is out of stock, the system will readily suggest the nearest alternative equivalent stock item.
  • In-built stock taking procedures.
    Supports cyclical stock taking for individual items.
  • Internally-issued goods.
    Track internal use of stock items.
  • Attachment of files to a stock record.
    Attach technical specifications, product images or other documents to each stock record.
  • Service-type stock.
    Store details of service-type items - for example, carriage, labour rates and service charges.
  • Custom analysis codes.
    Three customisable fields can be populated for each stock transaction, for detailed reporting.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Stock record details are easily accessible
    Sage MMS has an intuitive user interface, which allows you to call up the full details of an item quickly and easily. All information can be viewed in an instant, including supplier details, stock levels, stock location, and stock history. This means you always know how you arrived at your current stock levels - by understanding where your products came from, where they are now, when they were sold, and at what price they were sold. From summary information, you can quickly drill down to transaction level.
  • Unlimited suppliers for stock items
    Specify unlimited alternative suppliers for each stock item, with full details to hand including price history and lead time.
  • Units of measure
    You can buy, store and sell the same stock items in different quantities. For example, you could buy tiles by the pallet, store by the box and sell by the square metre.
  • Search categories
    You can set up unlimited categories to suit your product lines; these can be used for reporting purposes or to assist in locating products during the sales order entry process.
  • Inactive stock items
    You can set a flag to make a stock item inactive, so that it can't be ordered but remains on the system with full history.
  • Internally-issued goods
    Stock issued internally to individual areas of a business (as opposed to the departments defined in the nominal ledger) can be recorded, to assist in monitoring internal usage.
  • Stock taking procedure
    With Sage MMS, you can produce reports to assist in making a comparison between physical stock amounts and computer stock levels. You can also make adjustments to the total stock, if appropriate, to deal with any anomalies in these levels. Cyclical stock takes are supported - ie scheduling counts for individual items as required.
  • Manage stock in multiple locations
    If your business operates one or more locations (for example, warehouses divided into bays), Sage MMS can help you manage these effectively. Each location can be operated independently in terms of replenishment, sales, reporting and stock takes. You can prevent sales from individual stock locations - for example a bonded warehouse.
  • Integration
    The Stock module integrates closely with Sales and Purchase Order Processing modules and the Price Book - ensuring that purchase orders are placed with the correct supplier at the right price, and that sales orders are fulfilled efficiently. You can drill down from 'allocated' and 'on order' totals to the linked sales and purchase orders, to easily view which customers have been allocated a particular product.
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Sage MMS - Stock control

Sage MMS - Stock control
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