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Sage Line 50 version 11

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Sage Line 50 - Specifications

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  Suppliers   Purchase Order Processing   Task manager
  Nominal Ledger   e-Commerce options   Invoicing
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e-Commerce options:

These functions allow you to expand your business into e-trading and take full advantage of the business opportunities of the Internet. The e-commerce functions allow you to:
  • Use the built-in Web browser, so you no longer have to leave the program to view or manipulate Web-based information.

  • Have direct access to Sage and SageCover, so you can get immediate information and support by being taken straight to the relevant site.

  • E-mail technical queries directly to Sage Technical Support.

  • Send e-mails from within the program, allowing you to send free format e-mails using any e-mail client of their choice by means of an option provided on the file menu.

  • Set up suppliers for BACS and electronic payments. Supplier payments will be able to be made electronically - this option allows you to specify and record the bank details for each supplier.

  • Make electronic supplier payments via online banking, providing speed and cost savings over traditional methods.

  • Use the electronic bank statement reconciliation facility, providing speed savings in reconciling bank accounts and giving you more up-to-date information, i.e. bank statements can be obtained daily.

  • Ability to save any report as a HTML file. This is a universal format, which can be read on any machine running a Web browser.

  • E-mail any report to any recipient from within the print preview window. An e-mail feature has been incorporated into the report generator which means that any report currently produced with the report generator can be distributed by e-mail.

  • E-mail any report to a group of recipients, offering you benefits in the growing business-to-business e-commerce arena, as reports such as invoices and statements can be sent to a range of customers by selecting a single option.

  • Use customer credit checking facilities over the Web. An automatic link with any user-defined credit-checking bureau can be used to determine customers' credit status prior to taking orders or despatching goods.

  • E-mail any customer, supplier or bank report, e.g. letters, statements, and reports, directly to your customers, suppliers or bank.

  • Publish a Web catalogue.

  • E-mail invoices and credit notes.

  • Download invoices and sales orders from Sage WebTrader to speed up the ordering process by reducing the need to key in orders manually.

  • Use Web-based invoice and delivery tracking.

  • Use supplier credit checking facilities over the Web via the provision of an automatic link with any user defined credit-checking bureau. This can be used to determine suppliers credit status prior to sending orders or making payments.
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