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Sage Line 50 version 11

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Sage Line 50 - Specifications

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Bank ledger/cashbook:

Your Bank option manages all of your bank receipts and payments, including direct debits and standing orders. You can set up multiple accounts, including your credit card accounts, and immediately see your balance for each account. Within the Bank option, you can:
  • Record information for each bank account.

  • View the full activity details on each bank account.

  • Use the reconciliation option to check your actual bank balance with your Line 50 records, so you can get an accurate reflection of your cashflow.

  • Enter batch bank payments and receipts.

  • Record the payments made to suppliers against purchase invoices received.

  • Record any payments received from customers, and easily allocate the money received against sales invoices raised.

  • Use the bank transfer procedure, to move money between bank accounts.

  • Set up and process recurring entries quickly and easily, e.g. standing orders.

  • Print a statement for any bank account, showing all reconciled bank payments and receipts.

  • Take advantage of the online banking facility, including e-payments and e-reconcile routines, within the e-banking option.

  • Print bank reports.

  • Memorise and recall batch payment and receipt entries.

  • Print and maintain supplier remittances.

  • Print cheques directly from the program, using supplier payment information.

  • Use the batch option to list all outstanding transactions across all supplier accounts, so the user can select to pay all transactions in full, individual transactions in full or part pay transactions.
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Active Setup Wizard Currency

Active Setup Wizard Currency

Sage Line50 Bank Payment

Sage Line50 Bank Payment

Sage Line50 Bank Reconciliation

Sage Line50 Bank Reconciliation
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