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ACT! 6.0 - Detailed Features

ACT! 6.0 Contact Manager version 6 from Sage CRM Solutions

ACT! Contact Manager software helps you manage all the tasks and information related to developing and maintaining business relationships. It effectively integrates the three most frequently used tools - a customer database, a calendar and a task list. It automates a variety of tasks businesses face every day, including:

Every contact detail - instantly

Manage all your customer information in one place.
Stay on top of your schedule with ease.
Create and send personalized letters, faxes, and e-mails.
Meet your sales goals with confidence.
Share complete customer information in a workgroup environment.
Works with Microsoft Outlook, handheld devices, paper organizers, and other popular products.Works with other popular products.
Works with Sage Line 50 and Sage Line 100 Accounting Software.


Manage all your customer information in one place.

  • Comes with an easy to use, full-featured database with over 70 pre-defined fields or add fields to meet your specific needs.
  • Stores complete contact information including name, company, phone numbers, addresses, web sites, e-mail addresses, last meeting date, and much more.
  • Includes unlimited date- and time-stamped notes for each contact to keep track of important conversations, commitments, and meeting notes.
  • Tracks completed activities for each relationship for a full record of meetings held, letters sent, e-mails sent and received, calls completed, and more.
  • Finds anyone or any detail quickly using the instant Lookup and Keyword Search features.
  • Comes with standard reports for phone lists, activity reports, relationship histories, sales summaries and more or customize the reports to meet your specific needs.
  • Attach, view, and edit important files (price lists, memos, letters, presentations, contracts, pictures and so on) from within ACT! for instant access to important documents.
  • Includes an e-mail client that can work with Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Express, Internet Mail and Lotus Notes so you can create, send and track e-mails to and from your contacts.
  • Choose to attach the message to the contact's record and create a history item noting when the e-mail was sent and what its contents were.
  • Automatically add new entries to drop-down lists in your most commonly used fields then select an entry from the list for fast, more accurate data entry.
  • Attach web pages complete with graphics to any contact for easy access at anytime - even if the web page has been changed or removed from the Internet, you'll have it in captured ACT!.

Stay on top of your schedule with ease.

  • View and print your schedule by day, week or month.
  • Set alarms to be reminded of important events.
  • Monitor alarms in up to three databases - even when ACT! isn't running.
  • Schedule recurring events for daily activities, weekly meetings, and other repetitive events in one easy step.
  • Avoid scheduling conflict with automatic calendar notifications.
  • Calendar Pop-ups make it easy to view activity details instantly.
  • Get a bird's eye view of everything on your plate using the built-in Task List where you can filter calls, meetings, and to-do items by priority, date range, or user - complete with Totals for each type of activity.
  • Assign priorities and view by importance for quick organization.
  • Set up an Activity Series to automate prospecting, follow-up and sales activities.
  • Rollover incomplete activities daily so nothing falls through the cracks.
  • Synchronize your ACT!calendar with an Outlook calendar whenever you choose to keep ACT! and Outlook users up to date.
  • Print your calendar and address book using any of 20 supported calendar formats including, Day-Timer, Day Runner, Deluxe, and others.

Create and send personalized letters, faxes, and e-mails.

  • Mail merge letters, faxes, e-mails, envelopes, and mailing labels for quick and easy personalized correspondence.
  • Link all your correspondence to the associated contact for a complete record of everything that has been sent and received.
  • Save time using pre-formatted templates for e-mails, letters, memos, and faxes.
  • Customize the professional HTML graphical e-mail templates to start e-mail marketing to your customers and prospects today!
  • Add graphics and use any font to create your own great looking letters and e-mails.
  • Includes a built-in spell checker for letter-perfect documents.
  • Attach your contact information to each e-mail so your recipients can automatically add your information to their Outlook or ACT! database.
  • Work with Microsoft Word 2000/2002(XP) or use the built in ACT!word processor.

Meet your sales goals with confidence.

  • Manage your sales pipeline with built-in forecasting tools.
  • Choose one of the 8 pre-formatted sales reports or create your own to analyze your sales pipeline, sales by customer, sales by account manager, sales totals and more.
  • Track opportunities through the sales cycle with the graphical sales pipeline report.
  • Quickly create and print a sales graph, showing your open, won, or lost sales for any timeframe you choose.

Share complete customer information in a workgroup environment.

  • Multi-user and network ready right out of the box so your entire team can get up and running without additional software.
  • Share databases over a network or synchronize remote workers via e-mail so everyone has the most up to date contact information.
  • Includes built-in record locking and password protection for easy and safe sharing of data.
  • Share calendars for easy lookup of free and busy times - includes private and public activity types to filter what is displayed to others.
  • Manage groups of contacts by interest, company, account, project, and more.
  • Create subgroups based on organization structure, location, function, or any way you choose.
  • Synchronize your ACT! calendar with an Outlook calendar whenever you choose to keep ACT! and Outlook users up to date for each when scheduling in mixed environments.

Works with Microsoft Outlook, Palm OS handheld PC and paper organizers.

Seamlessly Integrates with Microsoft Outlook

  • Imports Contacts directly from Outlook 2000/2002(XP) so there's no need to re-enter your contact information if it's currently in Outlook.
  • Synchronizes your Outlook calendar with ACT!so you can view activities scheduled in Outlook from ACT! and optionally set reminders to sync your ACT! calendar with Outlook whenever you choose so Outlook users will have your current schedule information.
  • Integrates with Outlook e-mail so you can access your Outlook Inbox and other folders from within ACT! to keep track of e-mails sent and received for every ACT! contact.
  • Use your ACT! database as an address book to send e-mails from Outlook to ACT! contacts, create history for those messages, and attach received mail in Outlook to any ACT! contact.

Synchronizes with Palm OS handhelds

  • Imports Palm Desktop information including Address Book, Date Book and To-do items.
  • Synchronizes your ACT! calendar, contact, and to-do information along with notes and history items to any Palm Powered handheld including Palm, Handspring, Kyocera, Sony, and more.
  • Contacts and events added to your Palm are synchronized back to ACT!.
  • Choose from various options to customize the sync so you get just the information you want on your Palm.
  • Note: Does not replace the Palm Address Book, Calendar or Task List but synchronizes ACT! information to these applications on your Palm.
  • Includes free ACT! Link 2.0™ for Palm Powered® handhelds synchronization software - available free via download from or on product CD.

Prints to Popular Paper Organizer Formats

  • Prints to over 20 popular paper organizers, including Day-Timer, DayRunner, Deluxe, Time Design, TimeSystems, Avery and Franklin formats.
  • Print daily, weekly, and monthly calendars as well as a variety of address book formats.

Works with other popular products.

  • Integrates with Microsoft Word 2000/2002(XP) to allow one-click creation of mail-merge letters, faxes, and more. Also works with WinFAX 9.0 or later.
  • Allows sharing on information between ACT! and popular accounting programs. Linking software is available separately for:
    QuickBooks Pro/Premier 2002/2003 (US versions only)
    MAS 90/200 (US versions only)
    Peachtree Accounting for Windows 2002/2003  (US versions only)

Integrates with Sage Line 50 and Sage Line 100

Sage Award: Accounting Software & Services have been awarded Sage Line50 Reseller of the year 2002. We would like to thank all our customers for their custom ...

ACT! Award: Accounting Software & Services have been awarded ACT! Software special achievement award during November 2003 ...


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