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Sage Instant Accounts - Overview Sage Instant Accounts - Features Sage Instant Accounts - Features list Sage Instant Accounts - System Requirements

Sage Instant Accounts - Specifications

Instant Accounts products contain a variety of accounting features that are all intended to make your business run more smoothly. For example (please note these options and lists are by no means exhaustive):

  Two-user capability
  (Instant Accounts Plus)
  Links to Microsoft Office and          Instant Payroll
  Task Manager   Products
  (Instant Accounts Plus)
  Ecommerce options   Currency Calculator
  Credit Control   Financials
  Invoicing   Bank Ledger/Cashbook
  Nominal ledger   Supplier/Purchase ledger
  Customer/Sales ledger  


Two-user capability (Instant Accounts Plus):  Having two people simultaneously work on your accounts can double your productivity. One person can enter your invoices and the other can analyse your finances to look at your company's performance.



Currency Calculator: Instant Accounts makes it easy for you to trade with companies in other currencies. You can enter other currencies into your records and Instant Accounts will automatically calculate the values in pound sterling.

Task Manager: This feature helps you to run your business smoothly by reminding you of the actions you have to take, people you have to contact and bills you have to pay. You can also view the status of your accounts and if your invoices have been paid or posted.

Links to Microsoft Office and Instant Payroll: You can use Instant Accounts products to link your accounts to Sage Instant Payroll. Instant Accounts Plus also lets you work with other software programs, such as Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel.

Ecommerce options: These functions allow you to expand your business into e-trading, and take full advantage of the business opportunities that the Internet offers. There's a built-in Web browser, and you can send emails from within the program. You can make supplier payments online (using e-banking), email invoices and credit notes, and much more. Sage Instant Accounts Plus also links to Sage WebTrader, allowing you to sell your products online and download orders from your web shop directly into your accounts system.

Products or Stock Control Ledger (Instant Accounts Plus): This allows you to keep track of what you sell - whether it's a product or a service. Information such as description, sale price and unit of sale can be recorded for each item you hold in stock. Instant Accounts Plus allows you to make adjustments to your stock levels and run a simple stock-taking routine. You can also use Instant Accounts Plus' analysis features to track product activity against categories of your choice.

Credit Control: Good credit control will improve the cashflow of your business, which is essential for your company to succeed. Instant Accounts lets you set credit terms and settlement discounts. You can also produce reports which show you the money you are owed, money you owe and the age of the debts, helping you to reduce late payments. Instant Accounts Plus increases your credit control capacity and lets you, for example, carry out credit reviews on your customers.

Financials: This area of the Instant Accounts programs automatically creates management reports such as your Balance Sheet and Profit & Loss. Easy to read graphs, tables and reports allow you to see how your business is performing. The Financials area also creates your VAT Return automatically - thereby taking away the major headache for most businesses!

Invoicing:No need to manually create invoices using spreadsheets or word processing programs - Sage Instant Accounts products automate the invoicing process to save you time and improve the accuracy of your records.

Bank Ledger/Cashbook: This manages all your receipts, payments and standing orders. You can set up multiple bank accounts to suit the way you run your business. Within the Bank Ledger you can view statements and activity reports for each account, record payments you make and receive against invoices, and move money between bank accounts. The online banking facility allows you to make e-payments, and do an online reconciliation between your actual bank balances and your Instant Accounts records (please note that e-banking is subject to a subscription fee).

Nominal ledger: The Nominal or General Ledger is at the heart of your accounts system. It combines information from all of your other ledgers to give you an accurate balance of your accounts. It can be tailored to fit your specific business needs, by allowing you to set up your own categories of products and services within the Chart of Accounts. The Nominal Ledger also allows you to run a variety of reports showing activity for each of these categories.

Supplier/Purchase ledger: Your suppliers can be just as important as your customers, and it's vital to keep track of what you buy and for how much. In the Supplier Ledger you can store general details and trading terms, run reports to see what you've bought, who you owe and when. All vital for keeping your cashflow healthy.

Customer/Sales ledger: Customers are the most important assets to almost every business, so the Customer Ledger is crucial. Here you can record general customer details, credit details, and view customer activity. Using Instant Accounts' analysis features you can see, for example, whether cash or account customers bring in most revenue, or which region yields the greatest sales.

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