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Sage MMS - Features

Sage MMS modules specifications

      Financial Modules
    Sales ledger     Sales Order Processing
    Purchase ledger     Purchase Order Processing
    Nominal ledger     Stock Control
    Cash Book     Price Book


Sage MMS Accounting System consists of between 5 and 8 fully integrated modules. The financial modules may be used on their own or alongside the Commercial ones:

Commercial Modules


Commercial Modules

  • Stock- allows you to set up and maintain the details of your stock, whether raw materials, finished goods or both. You can record all goods received, exactly where items are located , who supplied them and at what price. You can record goods supplied, to whom, where and when. A stocktaking routine is provided along with a process to revalue your stock. The module can be set to automatically update the Nominal Ledger with the value of stock etc.

  • Sales Order Processing- used to record all goods and services ordered by, invoiced to, supplied to and returned from your customers (as set up in the Sales Ledger). You can maintain various different prices for specific customers, product groups or items, and apply discounts based on quantity ordered etc. The cost of the sale is automatically calculated by the system and posted to the Nominal Ledger for profit and loss reporting.

  • Purchase Order Processing- this enables you to record full details of all goods and services ordered, invoiced and received from your suppliers (as set up in the Purchase ledger). You can also keep track of any returns to your suppliers.

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Sage MMS

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