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Sage Line 100 - Modules Specifications

  Sales ledger   Sales Order Processing   Bill of Materials
  Purchase Ledger   Purchase Order Processing   Fixed Assets
  Nominal Ledger   Stock Control   Job Costing
  Cash Book   Invoicing  


Sales Order Processing

Manages the sales order process, producing all documentation with speed and efficiency.

The Sage Line 100 Sales Order Processing module gives you control of the entire procedure, from capturing the order and ensuring stock availability, to despatching goods and creating the invoices. All documentation is produced efficiently as part of this workflow, including picking lists, order acknowledgements, delivery notes and invoices.

  • Order documentation. Order acknowledgements, picking lists, delivery notes and invoices.
  • Flexible order cycle. Configure the system to match your company's workflow.
  • Goods returned / Credit note facility.
  • Foreign currency orders. Accept orders in up to 100 currencies.
  • Prioritise customers when fulfilling orders. Rate each customer by importance to ensure that stock is allocated to your most valuable contacts first.
  • Support for flexible pricing. Prices can be inclusive or exclusive of VAT, and individual customer price lists are supported.
  • Multiple delivery addresses. Virtually unlimited delivery addresses per customer.
  • Repeat orders. Customer order templates can be saved and run on a weekly, monthly, quarterly or user-defined basis.
  • Duplicate orders. Create a new order based on a previous one, to save having to re-key the same information again.
  • Order comments. Can be for internal use only, or can appear on customer documentation.
  • Order consolidation. Multiple orders can be grouped onto a single sales invoice.
  • SSD (Intrastat) return. Required entries for these returns are collected automatically.
  • Flexible report writer. Allows for the tailoring of standard reports and the creation of custom reports.
  • Comprehensive, easy to use help system.
  • Customisable. Our developer community is able to customise Sage Line 100 to the specific requirements of your business.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Sales order details are easily accessible
    Sage Line 100 has an intuitive user interface, which allows you to call up the full details of an existing sales order quickly and easily. A simple enquiry will tell you such details as who placed each order, which items were ordered and how the order is progressing.
  • Integrates fully with other Line 100 modules
    By working with the Stock and Sales Ledgers, the Sales Order Processing module ensures that pricing control and credit management are handled smoothly and efficiently. Once orders are processed, all relevant information is updated automatically throughout the system, including stock records, customer balances, VAT return and management reports.
  • Flexible pricing methods
    Depending on the nature of your business, you may need to display pricing with or without VAT; the Sales Order module gives you this control. You can also create individual customer price lists, working with a variety of discount methods (including quantity, invoice value and prompt payments).
  • Process foreign currency orders
    Sage Line 100 enables your customers to place orders with you in their own currency, and all order documentation is produced using the appropriate currency. Exchange rates are controlled by you and applied either at order entry or at the invoicing stage. This allows you to manage the risk of exchange rate fluctuations.
  • Advanced sales order management
    If your customers place recurring orders, Sage Line 100 can store the details as templates. A simple enquiry reveals recurring orders to be run each day. You can also manage back-to-back orders (in conjunction with the Purchase Order Processing module).
  • Manage tasks simultaneously
    The convenience of being able to execute a number of tasks simultaneously is just one of the many facets of Sage Line 100 that increases productivity and ease of use. For example, you can perform a customer enquiry while entering a sales order.
  • A comprehensive, easy to use help system
    Whatever your sales ordering needs, help is at hand from the included user guide and the online help facility.
  • Flexible reporting
    A range of standard reports can be run from Sage Line 100 Sales Order Processing - for example, orders awaiting invoice or on credit hold. You can also create new reports to suit your individual requirements.


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Sage line100 Sales Order

Sage line100 Sales Order

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Sage line100 Sales Order History
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