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Sage Line 100 - Modules Specifications

  Sales ledger   Sales Order Processing   Bill of Materials
  Purchase Ledger   Purchase Order Processing   Fixed Assets
  Nominal Ledger   Stock Control   Job Costing
  Cash Book   Invoicing  


Stock Control

Providing you with full inventory Control.

From tracing items to a supplier to staying aware of your stock levels, the Sage Line 100 Stock Control module enables you to manage your stock easily, efficiently and accurately.

  • Comprehensive stock records.
  • Manage stock in multiple locations. Set up depots and transfer stock items, keeping track of stock items across locations.
  • Support for flexible pricing. Prices can be inclusive or exclusive of VAT, and individual customer price lists are supported.
  • Flexible costing methods. FIFO, Standard and Average
    costs are supported.
  • Factored pricing. Buy and sell the same stock item in
    different units.
  • Serial number. Trace serial numbers attached to individual items of stock.
  • Batch number. Supports batch numbered items within stock.
  • Alternative stock. If first choice is out of stock, the system will automatically suggest the nearest alternative equivalent stock item.
  • In-built stock taking procedures.
  • Global price update facility. Change the sales price of your products globally - by percentage, fixed amount or mark up, and with rounding to preserve salient price points.
  • Attachment of files to a stock record. Attach technical specifications, product images or other documents to each stock record.
  • Service-type stock. Store details of service-type items - for example, carriage, labour rates and service charges
  • Flexible report writer. Allows for the tailoring of standard reports and the creation of custom reports.
  • Comprehensive, easy to use help system.
  • Customisable. Our developer community is able to customise Sage Line 100 to the specific requirements of your business.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Set up individual stock records
  • Create stock items with similar descriptions (for example, shoes - black - by size).
  • Manage stock levels using specified minimum and maximum stock level controls
  • Attach files to stock records (for example, word processing documents, images and spreadsheets)
  • Manage stock levels in multiple locations
  • Hold five standard selling prices per stock item
  • Use a variety of costing methods, including FIFO, Standard and Average costing
  • Use factored pricing allowing you to buy and sell stock in different units, such as metres, centimetres, cases and pallets
  • Trace serial numbers attached to individual items of stock.
  • Support batch items within stock
  • Use the in-built stock taking procedures, improving efficiency and accuracy
  • Use the alternative stock function which automatically suggests other options if first choice is out of stock
  • Transfer stock items from one location to another
  • Use the global price update facility


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Sage Line 100 Stock Maintain

Sage Line 100 Stock Maintain

Sage Line 100 Stock History

Sage Line 100 Stock History

Sage Line 100 Stock Prices

Sage Line 100 Stock Prices

Sage Line 100 Stock Reports

Sage Line 100 Stock Reports
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